Our Story

Hi there,

Lets be friends? Alright, let me begin by introducing Tuta Tempered to all you folks!

Tuta has recently launched its ‘beautiful’ website to satiate the need of its customers. However, we started the business with an offline base as a retailer in 2017. It was only in 2018 that we took a bold step towards the growth of our business and imported tempered glasses from across the globe. This marked a significant leap in our sales, mostly because we were able to push our goals towards maintaining the best quality standards, which our industry has to offer.

Later in the year we faced certain problems with respect to meeting all our varied customers’ demands, mostly related to Screen Protectors. Nevertheless, we took it upon ourselves and felt the need to practice what we preach – ‘Your Device, Our Priority’. This made us to move on from importing to manufacturing, another big leap which defines Tuta Tempered as of today. Only within a short span of time, since we began manufacturing the Screen Protectors, we successfully sold more than 1 Lakh products on Amazon and Flipkart

These years of continuous pain and pleasure made us realise what is most important for us as a business. IT’S YOU!!

We have defined our mission to be centric to our customer’s needs and preferences. We strive to maintain a huge variety of products and also strive to uphold the best quality standards for each of those products. 

… and the mission goes on and on unless we name ourselves on every device bought in India. We donate 5 percent of our annual profit for educating children

With this, I hope that we can be friends FINALLY! 

Happy Shopping!!

Why Choose Us

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Our Team

Ankit Saxena
Divy Makkar